My first Post

The other night while I was trying to sleep I started thinking about hundred of reasons on why I should start my own blog, I thought about the reasons and about the posts and comments , about what I should say and how to say it…….  

And eventually , I fall asleep ,  //thank God for that//… and i almost planned it all before i even start…  

Till today, the day i woke up so optimistic to find out later today that’s it’s not healthy to be that optimistic coz wherever i  go , I’ll be reminded that life is no fairy tale, at least mine isn´t!!!  

I decided before that maybe i should have an online diaries, but when it comes to people like me ; people who are the biggest fans of PRIVACY , that wouldn´t be any easy or even possible.., but yet i believe that i have alot of ideas that must be shared with everybody else….  

Today wasn´t as good as i thought it might be, bad things happened and reminded me that nothing can be easy, and what happened today exactly gave me that huge wanting to start my blog, and that´s what´s gonna happen, I´ll say it all in my next post, so wish me luck !!! , but , still, i´m wondering who reads others’ blogs?  hope my question will be answered one day!!!!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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